How to Make Electronic Rent Payments

Make a Payment

Ritan Property Group uses a vendor, AppFolio, to process electronic rent payments. Prior to your first use of the AppFolio electronic payment system you must receive an email invitation from Ritan Property Group which will prompt you to create a secure password. Please contact the RPG office if you have not received your email invitation or need us to re-send it. Electronic payment of rent is available by electronic check only; we do not support payment of rent by credit card.

When you click the "Make a Payment" link above and log on to your account with your secure password, you will be able see all current charges for your account. You may initiate payment on a one-time basis or you may configure automatic recurring rent payments for the duration of your lease.

Note that short payment is not accepted. For example, if your rent is $1000 and you have accrued a late fee of $100 and a dispossessory fee of $250, then your balance is $1350. Short payments will be rejected if you attempt to make them via our electronic payment service. If short rent checks are mailed to our P.O. box we will mail them back to you rather than deposit them. Please contact the RPG office if you have questions about your account.

If you attempt to send us short rent using electronic payment or if your payment is rejected for "not sufficient funds" (NSF) we will terminate your access to our electronic payment system for the duration of your lease. Once we have terminated your access to our electronic system, you must pay rent via a paper check through the U.S. Post Office using certified funds only.

New tenants who are making a good faith deposit to remove a property from the market may not use the AppFolio service. We have an alternate service provider for taking good faith deposits electronically. If you wish to make a good faith deposit, please contact the Ritan Property Group office for instructions at 404.284.2589 or email us at