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Contact Ritan Property Group before you buy a property in the Atlanta area.

For a $350 fee, Ritan Property Group will prepare a Due Diligence Report. We will:


  1. Visit the property.
  2. Give you our decision as to whether we will agree to manage the property if you buy it.
  3. Deliver an estimate of repairs needed to make the property ready through our sister company Church Street Home Repair.
  4. Project the after-repair rental value of the property.

Every month we speak with investors who have purchased property that will never function as a money-making investment because the property is located in a hopeless area, the renovation of the property will cost far more than the investor planned at closing, or the investor counted on a rent several hundred dollars more than the property will actually command in the market. It is heart-breaking to advise the owners that their best option is to unload the property however they can and move on.

If you have us perform a Due Diligence Report and subsequently hire us to manage the property we will waive our $200 new property intake fee for that property. The net cost to you for this service is only $150 if you hire us to manage the property.

Church Street Home Repair has the capability to repair income property and make it rent-ready. We never know what we are going to find when we are given a property that is presented as ready for occupancy when other contractors have done the work. If Church Street Home Repair has done the work big surprises at move-in are greatly reduced.

Ritan Property Group does not engage in real estate sales. We do, however, work closely with real estate agents who specialize in representing investor buyers. Contact us and we will refer you to an agent who knows the market and has experience working with investors.

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Please send a copy of the RPG management agreement and lease.

I am considering hiring Ritan Property Group to manage property I own. I request that Ritan Property Group send me a copy of the management agreement and lease they use so that I may evaluate these contracts prior to engaging Ritan Property Group to manage my property.

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